The Royal Hotel/Windsor Inn, Bangor

Royal Hotel/Windsor Inn Bangor

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2- course evening special: £10.95, and with bott wine: £29.95

2 course (starter/main) £10.95 per person
2 course (starter/main) incl bott. of wine £29.95 per couple
*denotes unavailable as part of the 2 course offers

*Tempura of prawns with a spicy Marie-Rose dip: £5.25
Homemade soup with freshly baked wheaten bread : £3.95
*Chef’s paté with onion marmalade and toast: £4.95
Deep-fried Brie with a fruit coulis: £4.95
*Combo Platter for two: £9.95 Choose any four of the following:
(garlic bread, battered mushrooms, chicken wings,
chicken goujons, deep-fried brie, onion rings, tempura of prawns)
Served with garlic mayonnaise and sweet chilli dip.
Extra items: £1.50 each
Battered mushrooms with garlic mayo: £3.95 (as main: £7.95)
Main Courses
*Roast of the day
Honey-baked gammon with pineapple or fried egg: £9.95
Chef’s Homemade Pie of the Day: £8.95
Pork & leek sausages on a bed of champ w Chef’s gravy: £8.95
Chicken goujons w garlic, pepper or sweet chilli sauce : £9.95
*Catch of the day
Goujons of cod with peas and tartare sauce: £9.95
Chef’s traditional, homemade Lasagne: £8.95
*Chef's Club Sandwich: £10.95
*Steak Sandwich: £12.95
Homemade Burgers from £8.95
Open Sandwiches; £8.95
Ulster Fry: £9.95

Special Offers